Many people call us worship leaders but here, that has been turned around. 


Being a lead worshipper means worshipping God first and foremost for ourselves so that others will follow our lead. We believe that the best worship is spontaneous and comes from the heart.

As lead worshippers it is our desire to worship the Lord. It is our desire to use the gift that God has given us so that we can glorify His name.

With all of our heart, soul, and strength, we turn to the Lord. And you are welcome to join us each and every Sunday at 11:00.

Praise and worship isn’t just about the lead worshippers…

We’ve played host to a few concerts in the past too, with the most recent being Vinesong. Taking us on a journey of spiritual enrichment and bringing us closer to the Lord through song and word, we are always happy to invite old friends Vinesong back to Kempston.