Get on your knees and thank God that you’re still on your feet

Prayer is crucial to not only the church but to individual Christian lives in order to see the power of God at work.
Here at Bunyan Road Christian Fellowship we have a variety of activities that take place each and every month including:

  • Sunday morning prayer – You can join us at church between 10:00am-10:30am before every Sunday service (except the second Sunday of each month)
  • All night prayer – Taking place once a month at church, we pray for a range of issues during this time.

These prayer activities and other events can be found in the diary.

If you’d like us to pray for you but are unable to attend one of our events, please contact us because not only can we pray for you, but we can pray with you and arrange a home visit if required.


Remember, if there’s no prayer then there will be no power. If there’s little prayer then there will be little power. And if there’s much prayer then there will be much power.

Prayer isn’t just a local activity here at Bunyan Road Christian Fellowship – we pray regionally, nationally, and internationally too.
Prayer goes beyond the local church and the local community; it transcends through the nation.